WPC 2024 Registration: A Quick Guide


Greetings and welcome to the 10th anniversary edition of the World Predator Classic, which will take place in Hellevoetsluis, Netherlands, from July 1–6, 2024.

Requirements for Entry
Entries adhere to the invitational format. After competitors have submitted all required information during the registration process, their entry will be examined and verified based on a number of factors:

  • In order to uphold the concept of an open event that is not solely targeted at an inner circle and gives new talents the chance to shine while competing with seasoned tournament anglers, WPC management is keeping a respectable number of available entries open to applicants who have never or at most once participated in the tournament.
  • The WPC JuniorCup is a crucial component of the occasion. Anglers who assisted in founding the JuniorCup and guided up-and-coming talent during its inaugural year are granted priority access.
  • The WPC’s #CatchAndClean ShoreLineCleanUp Program is a crucial component. Preferential access to the event will be granted to anglers who participated actively in the campaign the previous year and who turned in unsolicited receipts for their donations to #CatchAndClean.
  • Friendship reigns supreme. Preferential access will be granted to participants who exhibit a strong commitment to community cohesion or who embodies the WPC spirit. It is guaranteed that participants who have previously won a “Sportsmenship” Award will take part.

Conditions of Entry:

  • All participants must possess a valid Dutch fishing license;
  • To finish a cleanup operation. You will be placed to the competition permit list, which is only valid during regular competition hours, if you do not already have one.
  •  A valid international certificate for operating a pleasure craft, or its equivalent, must be presented at registration by anyone planning to operate a boat during the competition.
  • Limited personal public liability is included in the entry fee – carefully review the WPC personal public liability details.
  •   A boat public liability certificate is required to cover any third-party damage in the event of any incident and is also to be presented at registration. Anglers must additionally have their own personal public liability due to the limitations.

Event Details

  • All participants must be at least 18 years old and pledge to uphold the WPC’s respectful camaraderie in order to compete.
  • The World Predator Classic is a three-day event that takes place every day between 08:15 and 16:15. It is a pair’s competition that is conducted from boats and is strictly catch and release.
  • The Haringvliet sluizen to the Moerdijk bridge (A16 bridge) is the route taken for the event.
  •  Between the Moerdijk and Haringvliet bridges is a single, enormous fishing arena open to all competitors. Each day has a single starting point. Refer to Section F.
  • To verify that a catch is the one that appears right flank down on the official measuring board with a readable, distinct fish label, official photos must be taken.

 Cost of Entry
Entry fee for boats: € 2.150 per boat (two anglers), which includes participation in the TEAM-EVENT (two boats)

NEW in 2024: 
The entry fee covers the costs of taking part in the concurrently rated “TEAM EVENT.” Two boats can be combined to form TEAMs.
We have included the team event in the entry fees in keeping with the WPC spirit of establishing not only a fair fishing competition but also an occasion where camaraderie among nations is celebrated. There are no extra fees associated with taking part.
Thus, in the “Team Category,” two registered entries may form a team to win the World Predator Classic.

Project for Cleanup
All competitors are performing a cleanup as a condition of registering for the World Predator Classic.

How it Works:
From the time of registration until the beginning of on-site registration, clean-up registration is available at any moment.
Ideally near water, such as a river, lake, or the ocean, but anyplace will do as long as you can improve a place that holds special meaning for you.
Making a wonderful day out of it with friends and family is always preferable.
Take three or more photos, at the very least, and share them on social media. Make sure the posts are public so that anyone can view them.
For us to view and approve your entry, send us an email with the URL to your Facebook page, Instagram account, or set tags @worldpredatorclassic.


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