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Sam’s time travels were the main focus of the first Quantum Leap, with regular assistance from his closest friend Al’s hologram. The people on the other side of the Quantum Leap accelerator and their efforts to aid Ben Song, the new quantum leaper, in his time travels are the main focus of the 2022 revival. This indicates that the 2022 revival of the Quantum Leap franchises will feature a larger and more diverse cast of characters. Here’s what fans should know about each character and the actors who will be portraying them.

What is Quantum Leap?

The name of the show, “Quantum Leap,” comes from the name of the project that Ben used to speed through time. After Ben’s jumps in the past, the show jumps to the present day and shows how the Quantum Leap project team is working to help him get home. In each show, Ben basically drops into the life of a different person at a different time. He’s been stuck in a time loop, stopped a space mission from crashing, and dealt with a possible exorcism along the way. It’s just another day for a time traveller.

Quantum Leap Cast

Raymond Lee as Dr.Ben Song

Thirty years after Dr. Sam Beckett vanished, Dr. Ben Song enters the Quantum Leap accelerator, continuing in his quantum footsteps. The 2022 revival will feature Song as Beckett, a talented physicist who can transform into different people from different eras. His leaps into the bodies of an astronaut, a female rock star, a soldier, a boxer, and a getaway driver from the 1980s are depicted in the NBC trailer. Raymond Lee, the new character of Lt. Logan “Yale” Lee in Top Gun: Maverick, plays Dr. Song in the sci-fi TV series.

He also starred as Duc Bayer-Boatwright in Alan Ball’s short-lived HBO comedy-drama Here and Now, which was based on the novel “Kevin Can F**k Himself,” written by Schitt’s Creek star Annie Murphy.

Caitlin Bassett as Addison Augustin

Caitlin Bassett plays Addison in the sequel to Quantum Leap, taking Dean Stockwell’s role as Al. Similar to Al, Addison shows up to Ben as a hologram and gives him instructions on how to start his next leap. Ben and Addison’s friendship is far more romantic in character than Sam and Al’s fraternal bond. Caitlin Bassett, who previously worked as an archive intern on Showtime’s documentary Burn, Motherfucker, Burn!, about the LAPD’s problematic relationship with race, is playing Addison in her first major role on screen.

Ernie Hudson as Herbert “Magic” in Williams

Scott Bakula will not be making a comeback to Quantum Leap, but Herbert “Magic” Williams will. “The Leap Home, Part II (Vietnam)” from the first season of Quantum Leap featured Christopher Kirby in the role of the character. Williams served in Vietnam as a soldier with Tom, the brother of Sam Beckett (David Newsom). Because of his defiance of death, Sam eventually saved Tom Beckett’s life and went on to make more time leaps, earning him the nickname “Magic” Williams. Williams is now in charge of the Quantum Leap project in the follow-up series, bridging the gap between the scientists and US military intelligence at the Pentagon.

Mason Alexander Park as Ian Wright

Lead programmer Ian Wright of the new Quantum Leap project is in charge of reassembling Ziggy, the AI that helped Al and Sam in the first Quantum Leap series. Mason Alexander Park, a non-binary actor best known for playing Desire in the Netflix adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, plays Ian Wright. Park also portrayed Gren in the quickly canceled live-action Cowboy Bebop remake on Netflix.

Nanrisa Lee as Jenn Chou

Jenn Chou, head of digital security for the new project, rounds out the core team for the science fiction series Quantum Leap, which premieres in 2022. She is also investigating Ben Song’s motivation for entering the Quantum Leap accelerator. Nanrisa Lee, who has appeared in several guest roles on television shows, including Star Trek: Picard, where she played an FBI agent responsible for arresting Picard and Guinan, plays Jenn. In addition, Lee made appearances in “Election Night” from American Horror Story season 7 and episodes of CSI: Vegas, NCIS: Los Angeles, and Vegas. Nanrisa Lee’s most well-known role prior to Quantum Leap was most likely that of Tiffany Hsu in four episodes of Bosch.

Quantum Leap’ Season 1 Has a Strong Message of Inclusion

The quantum leap by Ben Song(NBC) In Episode 12, “Let Them Play,” Ben changes into the body of a high school basketball coach whose transgender daughter is bullied by other people in the community. Ben has to stop her from running away and missing, and the episode’s strong message of acceptance and belonging doesn’t hold back. In the present, Janis tells Ben that Dottie, an artist played by Shakina Nayfack, told her to jump. Magic and Jenn find Dottie and learn that she was a leapee. However, the person who jumped wasn’t Ben, but Ian from a long time ago.

In the last few shows, there are a lot of plot twists. Finally, in Episode 16, Ben changes into a private detective from the 1950s who has to help a woman get out of an abusive institution. A doctor is jumped into by Richard Martinez, and the two of them work together to finish the task. Martinez stabs Ben in the neck and leaves him to die once they’re done, though. Ben yells for help, and some nurses come and save his life. He then jumps. Today, Janis says she knows who the PQL mole is: Ziggy, the AI that controls almost everything.

Then Ben leaps into a flight attendant who has to stop a plane crash. The team has to help him through the leap without Ziggy’s aid. After finishing the job, Ben jumps and lands back at PQL, but it has been destroyed. He meets Ian again, this time as an adult, and learns that it is the 2050s and the world is in the middle of a nuclear winter. Ian says that there aren’t many people left that it was hard to find someone for Ben to jump into. This Ian jumped into the poet Dottie and gave Ben his mission in the year 2022.


Who is the new Quantum Leap’s main character?

Physician Ben Song

Raymond Lee plays Dr. Ben Song, the new main character in the series. Other cast members include Ernie Hudson, Mason Alexander Park, Nanrisa Lee, and Caitlin Bassett. First showing on September 19, 2022, was Quantum Leap. The show was renewed in December 2022 for a second season with thirteen episodes, which debuted on October 4, 2023.

Why did Ian tell Ben to leap?

In order to warn Ben and get him to jump early in an attempt to change the future from which future Ian originated, it appears that future Ian at least leaped back to the present. Ben’s slowly returning memory had previously informed us that he had jumped early in an attempt to “save” Addison (Caitlin Bassett).

Why did Ian pretend to be Lip?

Without shame: Twenty Issues with Ian everybody opts To Ignore. In an attempt to enter the Army, he pretended to be Lip and attempted to take a helicopter. At the beginning of the series, Ian’s dream was to enlist in the army. However, he got bored waiting to be old enough to do so, so he took Lip’s ID and passed himself off as his brother.


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