Is the Stock Market Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

 Is the Stock Market Open on Thanksgiving 2023?

As the holiday season approaches, investors and traders need to be aware of the stock market’s operating schedule. One question that often arises is whether the stock market is open on Thanksgiving Day, specifically in the year 2023. This piece will look into what will happen with the stock market on Thanksgiving 2023 and give you a full answer.

Understanding Stock Market Holidays

Before delving into Thanksgiving 2023, it’s beneficial to understand how the stock market operates on holidays. Throughout the year, the stock market observes specific holidays when trading activities are suspended. Holidays like Martin Luther King Jr. Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labour Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day, Good Friday, and so on are all in this group.

Status of the Stock Market on Thanksgiving 2023

Based on current knowledge, Thanksgiving Day in 2023 will see the closure of the stock market, which encompasses the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Put differently, this day will not see any trading.

Often, the day following Thanksgiving is known as Black Friday. Also has an impact on stock market activities, as it is a popular shopping day. However, for Thanksgiving 2023 specifically, there is no indication of any significant impact on stock market operations scheduled for Black Friday.

It’s important to note that while the stock market will be closed, traders and investors may still engage in certain stock-related activities. Such as researching stocks, performing analysis, or making plans for future trading days. However, actual trading and transactions will not take place on Thanksgiving Day itself.

Other Considerations for Investors

While the stock market may be closed on Thanksgiving, investors need to be aware of potential market volatility on the days leading up to the holiday. It is not uncommon for the stock market to experience increased volatility before or after holidays as investors adjust. Their positions or react to news and events.

Furthermore, investors should also consider that global markets may operate on different schedules and may not align with the status of the U.S. stock market on Thanksgiving. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor international markets and consider their potential impact on the overall investment landscape.


In conclusion, on Thanksgiving Day in 2023, the stock market—including the NYSE and Nasdaq—will be closed. Traders and investors will not have the opportunity to engage in actual trading on this day. They can still use the time for research and strategic planning. It’s advisable to stay updated on market conditions and volatility before and after the holiday. Remember to consider the schedules of international markets as well. Understanding the stock market’s holiday schedule is fundamental for successful investment planning and execution.


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