FIBA Hub: Your One-Stop Shop for FIBA Basketball News, Stats, and More

FIBA Hub: Your One-Stop Shop for FIBA Basketball News, Stats, and More


As the global governing body for basketball, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) leads the way for basketball enthusiasts worldwide. FIBA Hub is the best place to keep up with all the latest FIBA basketball news. It has in-depth analysis, the most recent news, and hard-hitting stats for all basketball fans.

FIBA: The Powerhouse of International Basketball

FIBA stands at the pinnacle of global basketball management. Recent developments show that USA Basketball has returned to No.1 in the FIBA men’s world rankings, making an enormous comeback. Throughout its history, FIBA has regularly showcased the ever-evolving dynamics of international basketball.

Google Joins Hands as FIBA’s Women’s Global Partner

In an unprecedented move, Google became the first women’s-only global partner of FIBA. This partnership reinforces the global growth of women’s basketball and Google’s dedication to it.

FIBA World Cup Success Stories

Manila, the dramatic capital of the Philippines, has witnessed the remarkable success of the Basketball World Cup. Despite none of the 2019 medal-winning teams making it to the medal round this year, the event’s structure and organization were highly lauded.

World Cup and the 2024 Paris Olympics

The World Cup acts as a global showcase and a platform for teams to secure their place in the upcoming 2024 Paris Olympics. FIBA recently confirmed the 19 national teams that have leveraged the World Cup for this purpose.

Key HighlightsDetails
USA basketball is back at No.1Despite failing to medal at the World Cup
Google and FIBA PartnershipGoogle becomes FIBA’s first women’s-only global partner
The Success of the Basketball World CupTeams reflect on their triumphs and learnings
The Road to the 2024 Paris OlympicsFIBA confirms the 19 qualifying teams

The Countdown to the Qatar 2027 World Cup

Basketball fanatics have another reason to rejoice: Qatar has been announced to host the 2027 World Cup for men’s basketball. This announcement broadens the small nation’s sports hosting portfolio and brings looming excitement for basketball enthusiasts worldwide.


The FIBA Hub is an all-embracing platform for fans and players alike to stay updated with the fluid world of international basketball. Whether the focus falls on worldwide rankings, partnership updates, or the countdown to major tournaments, the FIBA Hub is undoubtedly the nucleus of basketball news and stats. As we look forward to more groundbreaking basketball developments in the future, let’s appreciate the suspenseful action, the stirring rivalries, and the pure love for basketball that FIBA and FIBA Hub consistently deliver.


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